• Phase III Trial for Nirogacestat : “A new company named SpringWorks Therapeutics has been formed as a spinoff of Pfizer to focus on investigational therapies that hold significant promise for underserved populations…”
  • Phase I Trial for Tegavivint : “At our 11th DTRF Annual Patient Meeting in Philadelphia, we were pleased to have Beta Cat Pharmaceuticals’ Jon Northrup, Chief Executive Officer, and Casey Cunningham, Chief Medical Officer, present an outline of the planned clinical trial of Tegavivint, a new drug that directly interferes with beta-catenin stabilization…”

Read More at the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation website


  1. How do I get my young daughter into these trials – tegavivint or Nexavar to be specific – we like many oth ers are reaching out and getting no where in helping to alleviate the pain and horrible intrusion desmoid tumors continue to cause in her young formative years. Help please

    1. Hi Marysia,
      the new trials for tegavivint will be starting up in Canada soon. I will keep you apprised as soon as i hear. Where are you based?

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