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The DFC Committee has launched the official DFC Fundraising Guide as a tool to help you create your own local fundraiser! Get inspired by past events and explore ideas to help you get started. Best practices will help make your iniative easy and successful! Nothing is too small - every dollar raised counts towards finding a cure for desmoid tumours!

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Behind the Breakthroughs: The Your Stories Podcast

DTRF Co-Founder, Marlene Portnoy, and DTRF Scientific Director Dr. Mrinal Grounder candidly discuss the joint impact of DTRF's patient advocacy and Dr. Grounder's research that led to the breakthrough clinical trial of sorafenib.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with a desmoid tumour, you need experienced physicians helping you through the process.

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Host your own event, create a fundraising campaign or encourage company donations. We’ve got the resources to help you out.


Athina’s Ride 2024

Athina’s Ride is back! Registration is opening May 1st, 2024 and culminates with an epic ride on July 13th! 100% of the proceeds raised will be donated to DFC, which we allocate to groundbreaking research. Check out Athina’s Ride for incentives and prizes for fundraising!

Challenge yourself with a fundraising and/or distance goal – riding is not required! You can choose to walk, run, swim or simply fundraise. We invite you to join and/or donate to our team, No Brakes for Desmoid!

2023 DTRF Research Grant Cycle Open

Important Dates:
March 14th 2023 – Letter of Intent Due
April 25, 2023 – Full Application Due
The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation’s (DTRF) research grants are critically important to moving desmoid tumor science forward. 
Applications are now open for DTRF’s General and Early Career Grants, enabling the advancement of desmoid tumour research. If you are an established investigator with and MD, PhD or equivalent degree with an academic rank of assistant professor or higher, you are eligible.

Global Consensus Paper on Treatment

We are pleased to share the publication of the first-of-its-kind Global Consensus Paper on desmoid tumour treatment in the European Journal on Medicine.

Funded in part by our American Colleagues at DTRF, the Global Consensus Paper answers critical questions regarding the approach to treatment recommendations, types of treatment and pain management.

Consensus amongst doctors and scientists is groundbreaking, as treatments, medical therapies and information in general varies by country. Many patients worldwide are treated based on the experience of a single physician, which may be limited. 

This collaborative paper will help improve standards for treatment and serves as a powerful resource for patients, caregivers and medical professionals worldwide.

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What are Desmoid Tumours?

Desmoid tumours are rare soft tissue tumours that affect approximately 2 – 4 people in 1 million every year.

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